Miserable Pocket Man 
(work in progress)
A game about emotional attachment and emotional torture
tags: indiedev, gamedev, unity, c#, glsl, photoshop, pixelart
The story

You are moving in together with your girlfriend starting new amazing life. While living together you will have to make moral choices who will do what in the household. These choices will become your future and you will have to deal with the consequences. Playing mini games such as fighting with the mold, catching pantry moth or cleaning the toilet. All these experiences will affect you and you will slowly fall into depression. Getting old, getting sick and finding relief in drugs and alcohol.

UI, Retro-look

I made a big research about retro games to give this game certain aesthetics. I wanted to refer to old 70s-80s games on Atari, Commodore, ZX Spectrum, etc. The same with UI. I wanted to build it the way they made it in 80s.

Post-Effects, Shaders

I used my VHS Pro shader and probably gonna use Graphics Adapter Pro shader. Moreover, I wrote a lot of custom effect shaders for special effects in the game.


I presented the game on Talk & Play, Artgames and gonna present it on A MAZE 2016 indie game festival.


At the moment the game is in development but you can follow it on @itchio or @gamejolt.

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